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There are vast numbers of books and websites dealing with all matters relating to dogs, dog training and dog care. 
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Your local Veterinary Practice can usually advise on health matters and breeders will often provide information packs when you collect your dog.  Rescue Societies and breed clubs can be useful sources of information as well.

The following other sources are listed in no particular order and are not intended as recommendations or particular endorsements, but rather to get us started.

Books we have enjoyed:
Grogan, J -  "Marley and Me"
Millan, C -  "Cesar's Way"
Fennell, J -  "The Dog Listener"
Fogle, B. -  2004 - New Pocket Dog Training (Paperback)

Websites we have visited:
Cesar Millan - lots of pzazz and Hollywood hype - it's also worth searching for some of the anti-cesar sites.  There is a great deal of interesting comment as to whether Cesar Millan's methods are or are not useful in reality.  Very thought provoking.  Many commentators suggest that Cesar Millan's methods are now outdated and even cruel.  Others would swear by them.  He has many loyal followers.  Make up your own mind!
Bruce Fogle - worth a visit to this site about another vet with an abiding interest in dogs
Ian Dunbar - main site is Sirius pup which is the organisation set up by Ian Dunbar some 25 years ago
Dog Breeds 1
Dog Breeds 2
Jan Fennell - rather a lot of pages given over to advertising Jan Fennell's courses
Taking the Lead - a little underdeveloped - some pages missing, but some areas very comprehensive

TV programmes we have watched and learnt from:
The Dog Whisperer
The Dog Listener

and some people even like Dog Borstal!




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